Physics at Virginia

"Neutron Spin Structure at Low Q2 Using a Polarized 3He Target"

Karl Slifer , Temple University
[Host: Donal Day]
We have measured the spin dependent longitudinal and transverse 3He(e,e,) cross sections for 0.12<0.9 GeV2 covering the quasielastic and resonance regions and extending into the deep inelastic scattering region. Jefferson Lab's longitudinally polarized electron beam of incident energy 0.8 GeV to 5.0 GeV was scattered from a high pressure polarized 3He target in experimental Hall A. Longitudinal and transverse target polarization was maintained, allowing extraction of both spin structure functions g1 and g2. This measurement allows evaluation of the structure function higher moments, including the extended GDH sum, for both 3He and the neutron. These results when compared to theoretical models provide insight into the transition from the perturbative to the non-perturbative regine of QCD.
Nuclear Physics Seminar
Tuesday, December 9, 2003
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 313
Note special room.


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