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Monday, July 26, 4:00 PM
Room 204
Mark Edwards Interaction and anharmonic effects on the performance of an atomtronic dual-Sagnac atom interferometer rotation sensor
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Freezing of a Spin Liquid with Strong Quantum Fluctuations
In magnets, spins of electrons can interact with their neighbors due to the overlap of their wavefunctions and the Pauli exclusion principle leading to an effective exchange interaction Hamiltonian. When the interactions are competing or frustrated, ... More >
Schauss Granted NSF CAREER Award
Congratulations to Peter Schauss who has been granted an NSF CAREER Award based on his proposal, “Quantum Gas Microscopy of Frustrated Hubbard Systems”.  The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program offers the NSF’s ... More >
Quantum Gas Microscope is First to Image Individual Ultra-cold Fermionic Atoms in a Triangular Lattice
UVa Physics professor Peter Schauss and colleagues demonstrate a quantum gas microscope to image individual fermionic atoms in a triangular lattice. They prepare a degenerate Fermi gas, load it into the triangular lattice, and image the individual ... More >
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