Physics at Virginia

"Current and Future Searches for New Physics at Fixed Target Experiments"

Tyler Horoho , University of Virginia
[Host: Craig Dukes]

The Standard Model of particle physics is our most complete and accurate picture of the Universe, but there are many questions that it cannot answer: What is the particle identity of dark matter? Why was there so much more matter than antimatter in the early universe? How do neutrinos get their mass? Answers to these questions and more are within reach to current and next generation fixed target experiments at accelerator facilities. This talk will discuss a search for light dark matter with the NOvA experiment, an ongoing long-baseline neutrino experiment, and future searches for light dark matter with the Light Dark Matter eXperiment. Additionally, I will present ongoing efforts to measure the efficiency of the Cosmic Ray Veto for the Mu2e experiment, which will probe for charged lepton flavor violation with world-leading precision.

High Energy Physics Seminar
Tuesday, March 26, 2024
3:30 PM
Gibson Hall, Room 211
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Zoom: https://virginia.zoom.us/j/4349825364?pwd=blBZQWFzQitUT2k1Q1lyaG85Nm84QT09

Meeting ID: 434 982 5364
Passcode: Mu2e

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