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"Initial Findings from the MEG II Experiment at PSI: Probing Physics Beyond the Standard Model"

Alessandro Massimo Baldini , University of Pisa
[Host: Craig Dukes]

The MEG experiment, conducted at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Zurich, Switzerland, achieved a significant milestone in 2016 by establishing the best current upper limit of 4.2 × 10⁻¹³ for the branching ratio of the µ− > eγ decay process. The search for this decay holds tremendous potential for uncovering extensions to the Standard Model, as its existence would unequivocally signify the presence of new physics. To further amplify our sensitivity by an order of magnitude, we embarked on the development and construction of an upgraded apparatus known as MEG II in subsequent years. After conducting an engineering run in 2020 with a reduced set of electronic channels, MEG II officially commenced physics data collection in the summer of 2021 and is currently opertional. In this presentation, I will offer an overview of the subdetectors' performances and share our analysis results from the initial data set gathered in 2021. MEG II is commited to maintaining data acquisition until 2026 as we strive to atain our ultimate goal. This seminar will also shed light on the current status and future prospects of MEG II, including our investigations into other exotic phenomena, such as the exploration of a potential 17.6 MeV/c² particle originating from the 7Li(p,e+e-)7Be reaction.

High Energy Physics Seminar
Wednesday, November 15, 2023
4:00 PM
, Room Zoom
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