Physics at Virginia

Hank Thacker

Ph.D., 1973, UCLA
Professor Emeritus

Theoretical High Energy Physics

Research Interests

The study of elementary particles and their interactions has been refined and made precise by the development of the Standard Model, which describes all nongravitational interactions of all the known elementary particles in terms of the unifying principle of gauge invariance. The Standard Model is a gauge field theory, which can be viewed as a generalization of Quantum Electrodynamics. The study of the Standard Model, particularly the interactions of quarks and gluons, can be carried out using a combination of analytic methods and large scale computer calculations. Professor Thacker´s work has focused on the use of a lattice formulation of gauge theory to study properties of the Standard Model. The lattice formulation of the model provides both conceptual and computational advantages which allow important phenomena in particle physics (such as quark confinement, chiral symmetry breaking, and topological properties of gauge theory) to be studied quantitatively from first principles.

News Items

Dear Colleagues,We have learned from APS that four of our colleagues - Paul Fendley, Seunghun Lee, Olivier Pfister and Hank Thacker have been electedAPS Fellows 2013. Please join me in ......More >


APS Fellow [2013]
For contributions to the study of nonperturbative quantum field theory and Lattice QCD.