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Astrophysics & Cosmology Atomic, Molecular & Optical Condensed Matter High Energy Nuclear & Particle

Faculty Profile:
Dinko Počanić. (Professor). Prof. Počanić is studying basic symmetries and conservation laws manifest at low and intermediate ...More >
Student Profile:
Miller Eaton. (Graduate Student). My interests lie in manipulating quantum optical fields for applications in quantum information and quantum ...More >
Applying Machine Learning to enhance magnetocaloric materials
Abstract: We present a data-driven approach to predict entropy changes (ΔS) in small magnetic fields in single-molecule magnets ... More >
Alumnus Troy's PhysicsBowl Team Places Second in Nation
One of our alums, Bob Troy who teaches Physics at St Anne’s Belfield in Charlottesville, led the STAB PhysicsBowl team to a 2nd place ... More >
Han Receives ISO Academic Excellence Award
Jiwon "Jesse" Han is receiving the International Studies Office Graduating International Students Awards in the category for Academic ... More >
Israel Klich , University of Virginia - Physics
Quantum states, walks, tiles, and tensor networks

A major challenge of physics is the complexity of many-body systems. While true for classical systems, the difficulty is exasperated in quantum ... More >
Professor Or Hen , MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Neutron stars droplets and the quarks within

Neutron stars are one of the densest strongly-interacting many-body systems in our universe. A main challenge in describing the structure and dynamics ... More >
Jeffrey Teo , University of Virginia - Physics
From interacting Majorana to universal fractional quasiparticles

Ising anyons, Majorana fermions (MF) and zero energy Majorana bound states have promising prospects in topological quantum computing ... More >
Andrew Steiner , University of Tennessee
From Multimessenger Astronomy to Neutrons and Protons

Of course, multimessenger astronomy promises to revolutionize astronomy and our understanding of nucleosynthesis. My research shows that it ... More >