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Astrophysics & Cosmology Atomic, Molecular & Optical Condensed Matter High Energy Nuclear & Particle

Faculty Profile:
Xiaochao Zheng. (Professor). Professor Zheng conducts research at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab). Her research ...More >
Student Profile:
Nguyen Ton. (Graduate Student). My thesis project focus on studying spin structure of nucleon, particularly the neutron. I have experience in ...More >
Applying Machine Learning to enhance magnetocaloric materials
Abstract: We present a data-driven approach to predict entropy changes (ΔS) in small magnetic fields in single-molecule magnets ... More >
Alumnus Troy's PhysicsBowl Team Places Second in Nation
One of our alums, Bob Troy who teaches Physics at St Anne’s Belfield in Charlottesville, led the STAB PhysicsBowl team to a 2nd place ... More >
Han Receives ISO Academic Excellence Award
Jiwon "Jesse" Han is receiving the International Studies Office Graduating International Students Awards in the category for Academic ... More >
Andrew Steiner , University of Tennessee
From Multimessenger Astronomy to Neutrons and Protons

Of course, multimessenger astronomy promises to revolutionize astronomy and our understanding of nucleosynthesis. My research shows that it ... More >
Dr. Craig D. Roberts , Argonne National Laboratory
Emergence of Mass in the Standard Model

Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the nuclear physics part of the Standard Model, is the first theory to demand that science fully resolve the conflicts ... More >
Dr. Vivek Goyal , Boston University
Computing Images from Weak Optical Signals

In conventional imaging systems, the results are poor unless there is a physical mechanism for producing a sharp image with high signal-to-noise ... More >