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Paul Kingsberry , Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of New Mexico
[Host: Donal Day]
The reaction p+pbar -> lambda+lambdabar was examined by CERN experiment PS185/3 at the Low-Energy Antiproton Ring (LEAR) with beam momenta of 1.525 GeV/c and 1.640 GeV/c. The proton target was transversely polarized to enable measurements of the depolarization and spin transfer, which quantify the transfer of the transverse spin of the target proton to that of the outgoing lambda and lambdabar, respectively. Theoretical calculations of Dnn, the component of the depolarization normal to the production plane, differ greatly according to whether quark-gluon or meson-exchange models are utilized. Final results for the measured depolarization Dnn and spin transfer Knn will be presented for both beam momenta. These results appear to be inconsistent with the specific angular distributions predicted under the assumptions of both production scenarios.
Nuclear Physics Seminar
Tuesday, September 30, 2003
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Note special room.

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