Physics at Virginia

"Towards Gravitational Wave Asteroseismology with Compact Binary Inspirals"

Geraint Pratten , University of Birmingham
[Host: David Nichols]

Gravitational wave observations of neutron star mergers are one of the most exciting prospects for constraining the incredibly uncertain equation of state of cold supranuclear matter. Signatures of the stellar interior are directly imprinted in the gravitational-wave signal through characteristic tidal interactions, providing a vital observational playground in our quest to understand fundamental physics interactions deep in the cores of neutron stars. In this talk I will discuss the underlying physics behind binary neutron star mergers and how recent developments are showcasing the importance of describing the dynamical response of neutron stars when studying gravitational-wave observations. Finally, I will highlight the prospects for performing gravitational-wave asteroseismology with binary neutron star inspirals in current and future detector networks.

Gravity Seminar
Monday, March 27, 2023
1:30 PM
, Room Zoom
Note special room.

Meeting ID: 979 7765 8329
Passcode: 357957



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