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"Formation and dynamics of extreme mass ratio inspirals with environmental effects"

Huan Yang , Perimeter Institute and University of Guelph
[Host: Alexander Grant]

In this talk I will discuss relevant environment effects (i.e., accretion disk, tidal gravitational field from close objects) that influence the formation and dynamics of extreme mass ratio inspirals (EMRIs), which are important sources for LISA. I will show that disk-assisted EMRIs may be more commonly seen by LISA. They can be distinguished from EMRIs formed through cluster multibody scattering by eccentricity measurements. The disk force and tidal gravitational field from nearby objects may also leave observable imprints on the waveform of the EMRIs, which provide new opportunities in probing the stellar distributions and constraining the accretion physics at galactic centers.


Gravity Seminar
Monday, April 5, 2021
1:00 PM
Online, Room via Zoom
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