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In 1970 L.  Alvarez et al. reported on the first experiment to use cosmic-ray muons to investigate the interior of a very large structure. That structure was Khafre's Pyramid at Giza.  In 2017, the Scan Pyramids team reported on the discovery of a new large void in the Great Pyramid (Khufu).  Although they used modern equipment, their system was not much larger than the one used by Alvarez's team. In order for the technique of cosmic-ray muon tomography to be able to answer detailed questions regarding the core structure of these enormous creations, a new approach must be taken.  The Exploring the Great Pyramid (EGP) Mission will use detector technology currently deployed in high-energy physics experiments to field very large muon telescopes outside of the Great Pyramid.  This will allow for a high-resolution study of almost all of its internal structure. It will go beyond simply looking for voids, but will potentially yield new information on the building techniques used to construct the Great Pyramid.  In this talk, I will review previous experiments, describe in detail the techniques the EGP Mission proposes to use and present preliminary simulation results.


High Energy Physics Seminar
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
4:00 PM
via Zoom, Room Online
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