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"Single-site-resolved imaging of rubidium atoms in a triangular lattice"

Takeshi Fukuhara , RIKEN, Japan
[Host: Peter Schauss]

Ultracold atoms in optical lattices provide an excellent platform to study many-body quantum systems. Especially, a quantum gas microscope, which enables us to observe and control atoms at the single-site level, is a powerful tool for such studies. Our target is a quantum simulation of frustrated systems, which are expected to exhibit various phenomena and non-trivial quantum states such as quantum spin liquids. The simplest example of frustrated systems can be realized with a triangular lattice. In this talk, I will present single-site-resolved fluorescence imaging of ultracold rubidium-87 atoms in a triangular optical lattice [1].
Experimental parameters for the fluorescence imaging have been automatically optimized by using a machine learning technique. I will also introduce experimental results [1,2] of automatic optimization based on the Bayesian optimization.

[1] R. Yamamoto et al., “Single-site-resolved imaging of ultracold atoms in a triangular optical lattice,” New Journal of Physics 22, 123028 (2020).
[2] I. Nakamura et al., “Non-standard trajectories found by machine learning for evaporative cooling of 87Rb atoms,” Optics Express 27, 20435 (2019).

Atomic Physics Seminar
Monday, March 22, 2021
9:00 AM
Online, Room via Zoom
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