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"Thermoelectric transport properties of topological Bi-Sb cryogenic materials"

Xixiao Hu , University of Virginia - Physics
[Host: Joe Poon]

Bi-Sb alloys have shown promising thermoelectric (TE) properties at cryogenic temperature (<200 K). Over six decades, the figure of merit zT of n-type polycrystalline Bi-Sb has plateaued at ~0.4, while its p-type counterpart has remained even lower at ~0.1. We have studied the TE properties of melt-spun and spark plasma sintered (SPS) Bi-Sb alloys. We obtained a zT of 0.55 @100-150 K for n-type undoped Bi85Sb15 based on a low thermal conductivity 1.5 W/(m*K) measured with the hot-disk method. For p-type Bi-Sb, doping effects of Ge, Sn, and Pb were investigated. A high doping level of Ge and a high doping efficiency of Pb were obtained with the help of a low-temperature SPS processing. The transport properties (resistivity and Seebeck coefficient) of n-type undoped and p-type doped Bi85Sb15 were analyzed using the two-band effective mass model within the Boltzmann transport theory. A band gap decreasing phenomenon was observed which poses challenges to the improvement of p-type Bi-Sb’s zT.

Condensed Matter Seminar
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
1:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 314
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