Physics at Virginia

"The Search for Color Transparency at 12 GeV at JLab"

John Matter , UVA- Department of Physics
[Host: Nilanga Liyanage]

Color Transparency (CT) refers to a prediction of QCD that at high momentum transfer Q^2, a system of quarks, each of which would normally interact very strongly with nuclear matter, could form a small color-neutral object whose compact transverse size would be maintained for some distance, passing through the nuclear medium undisturbed. A clear signature of CT would be a dramatic rise in nuclear transparency with increasing Q^2. The existence of CT would contradict traditional Glauber multiple scattering theory in its domain of validity, which predicts constant nuclear transparency. CT is also a prerequisite to the validity of QCD factorization theorems, which provide access to generalized parton distributions that contain information about the transverse and angular momenta carried by quarks in nucleons. The E12-06-107 experiment in JLab's Hall C will look for a signature of CT in electron-proton scattering with carbon-12 and liquid hydrogen targets. Data for Q^2 between 8 and 14 GeV^2 were taken in early 2018 in JLab's Hall C, a range over which nuclear transparency should differ appreciably from conventional Glauber calculations.


Nuclear Physics Seminar
Tuesday, May 1, 2018
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Note special room.

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