Physics at Virginia

"Metamagnetism - its ubiquity and universality"

Bellave Shivaram , University of Virginia - Physics Dept.
[Host: Vittorio Celli]

The emergent universality in the nonlinear magnetic response of itinerant metamagnets will be discussed. Recent experimental work on heavy fermions, Hunds metals, and single molecule magnets will be presented. The appeal of the ‘single energy scale model’ developed in the context of these new measurements [(a) "Universality in the Nonlinear Magnetic Response of Strongly Correlated Metals", B.S. Shivaram, D.G. Hinks, M.B. Maple and P. Kumar, Phys. Rev., B89, 241107(Rapid Communication), 2014. [b] "Metamagnetism and the Fifth Order Susceptibility in UPt3", B.S. Shivaram, Brian Dorsey, D.G. Hinks and Pradeep Kumar, Phys. Rev., B89, 161108(Rapid Communication), (2014). [c] “High Field Ultrasound Measurements in UPt3 and the Single Energy Scale Model of Metamagnetism”, B.S. Shivaram, V.W. Ulrich, P. Kumar and V. Celli, Phys. Rev.B, 91, 115110, 2015] will be critically examined.

Friday, February 19, 2016
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Note special room.

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