Physics at Virginia

"Complex Magnetic Phase Diagrams of Models for Iron Based Superconductors"

Elbio Dagotto , University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
[Host: Despina Louca]

This presentation will start with a brief introduction to iron-based
high temperature superconductors, emphasizing that these materials appear to
be located in an intermediate Hubbard coupling regime [1] which is difficult
to study with canonical analytical techniques. Moreover, competing
ferro- and antiferro-magnetic tendencies are present, leading to frustration.
For these reasons computational studies are important. After the introduction,  
and time allowing, I will focus on three main areas of recent active research:
(i) the widely discussed spin nematic state analyzed from the perspective
of the spin fermion model [2];
(ii) the several zero temperature competing magnetic states that appear
in quasi one-dimensional two-leg ladder geometries  [3];
(iii) the rich phase diagrams of multiorbital Hubbard models varying
couplings and temperatures from the perspective of a recently developed
technique that combines mean field and Monte Carlo aspects [4].


[1] P. Dai, JP Hu, and E.D., Nat. Phys. 8, 709 (2012); E.D., RMP 85, 849 (2013).

[2] S. Liang et al., PRL 111, 047004 (2013); S. Liang et al., PRB 90, 184507 (2014).

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[4] A. Mukherjee et al., PRB 90, 205133 (2014), and references therein;
A. Mukherjee et al., in preparation.

Condensed Matter Seminar
Thursday, March 3, 2016
1:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 313
Note special time.
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