Physics at Virginia

"The Novel World of Hadron Physics"

Stanley J. Brodsky , SLAC, Stanford University
[Host: Dinko Pocanic]

I will survey a number of exciting new developments in hadron physics.

These include: new insights into the nature of the color-confi ning con finement quark potential in quantum chromodynamics; a novel application of supersymmetry to hadron physics; the relation between the parameter ΛMS which controls high-energy interactions of quarks to the mass of the proton; and the elimination of the renormalization scale ambiguity for perturbative QCD calculations.

I will also discuss several novel experimental tests of QCD which can be performed at JLab, including: hard exclusive and diff ractive reactions, flavor-dependent antishadowing of nuclear interactions; intrinsic strange- and charm-quark phenomena; the production of tetraquarks and other exotic hadronic states; and factorization-breaking lensing phenomena.

Monday, April 27, 2015
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 203
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Special Colloquium: INPP Annual Lecture

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