Physics at Virginia

"Quantum computing with hypercubes of light"

Pei Wang , University of Virginia
[Host: Olivier Pfister]
Quantum computing promises exponential speedup for particular computational tasks, such as factoring integers[1] and quantum simulation[2]. There are two main flavors of quantum computing: the circuit model and the measurement-based model---in particular, one-way quantum computing [3], which is implemented by applying measurements on an entangled resource known as a cluster state. Complicated computation tasks require the scalable generation of cluster states, which remains a formidable challenge. Pfisterlabs at UVa has been working on generating scalable cluster states and has successfully built some interesting cluster states [4,5].

In this colloquium, I will first explain continuous variable one-way quantum computing, cluster states, and then present our new proposal of a simple, "top-down" setup to generate large-size, D-hypercubic-lattice CV cluster states of more than 6000 entangled modes using D identical optical parametric oscillators (OPOs), each with a two-frequency pump [6]. These cluster states are sufficient for universal one-way quantum computation [3], and the high dimensional lattices are useful in quantum error correction based on Kitaev's surface code [7]. Our optical construction methods eschews the limitations of a three-dimensional world, enabling simulation of measurements on these high-valence cluster graphs and also inviting theoretical and experimental investigations of their topological properties [8].

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Friday, February 21, 2014
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Note special room.

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