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Strong electronic correlation lies at the heart of modern condensed matter and material physics. An adequate treatment of the electronic correlation beyond standard band theory is a key to understand many unusual physical properties of strongly correlated materials such as Mott insulators and unconventional superconductors. In this talk, I will show how electronic correlation leads to dramatic modifications of the band theory predictions for the electronic structures in general, and the electron-phonon coupling and spin dynamics in particular in high temperature superconductors. I will demonstrate that first-principles electronic structure methods GW and dynamical mean field theory (combined with density functional theory) can account for the non-local and local electronic correlations, respectively, beyond standard band theory, and are useful tools to understand the microscopic mechanisms of high temperature superconductivity in (Ba,K)BiO3 and iron-based superconductors. For the former, electronic correlation leads to a strong enhancement of the electron-phonon coupling while for the latter, electronic correlation significantly strengthens the low-energy spin excitation, both of which favor higher superconducting temperature. In the end, I will discuss how we may use these first-principles methods to accelerate the discoveries of new functional materials with desired properties.

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Condensed Matter Seminar
Thursday, October 17, 2013
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Note special room.

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