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"Measurement of polarization observables in the reaction γp → pπ0π0 in the CBELSA/TAPS experiment"

Vahe Sokhoyan , George Washington University and Institute for Nuclear Physics - Mainz
[Host: Blaine Norum]
To unambiguously identify baryon resonances the measurement of polarization observables is of large importance. With the Crystal Barrel/TAPS experiment, located at the ELSA accelerator facility in Bonn, Germany, polarization observables have been determined using a linearly polarized photon beam impinging on a liquid hydrogen target. In this talk an overview of these measurements will be given and new results on the polarization observables IS and IC will be presented for the reaction γp → pπ0π0. A comparison of the results with predictions of the Bonn-Gatchina-partial wave analysis shows that the data provide new constraints for the extraction of baryon resonances. In addition, invariant mass distributions and Dalitz plots, indicating cascade-decays via different excited states will be discussed.

The work was performed by the CBELSA/TAPS Collaboration at the Helmholtz-Institut fuer Strahlen- und Kernphysik (University of Bonn).

Nuclear Physics Seminar
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Note special room.

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