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"A Measurement of g2p and the Longitudinal-Transverse Spin Polarizability"

Chao Gu , University of Virginia
[Host: Nilanga Liyanage]
The proton spin-dependent structure function g2p in the resonance region has been measured in a recent experiment at Jefferson Lab in Hall A. A polarized electron beam of energy 1.157-3.349 GeV was incident on a transversely polarized NH3 target. An inclusive measurement at 5.69 deg was performed in order to determine the g2p structure function in the Q2 region of 0.02-0.20 GeV2. No measurement of this quantity has been conducted at such a low-Q2 range before. This experiment will allow us to test the Burkhardt-Cottingham sum rule at low Q2 and extract the generalized longitudinal-transverse spin polarizability δLT. Chiral Perturbation Theory (χPT) is expected to work in this kinematic region and this measurement of δLT will give a benchmark test to χPT calculations. In this talk, I will give describe to the experiment and show the latest progress of the on-going analysis.
Nuclear Physics Seminar
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
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