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"Studies of D -> pi e nu and D -> K e nu at CLEO-c"

Laura Fields , Cornell University
[Host: Craig Dukes]
Many precision tests of the Standard Model require input from Lattice QCD (LQCD). Of particular importance are the semileptonic form factors used to extract Vub in semileptonic B decays. Similarities between the D and B sector make charm semileptonic decays an excellent testing ground for the increasingly precise predictions of LQCD. CLEO-c has recently used its entire data sample to produce a set of measurements involving the decays D0 → pi e nu, D0 → K e nu, D+ → pi0 e nu and D+ → K0 e nu. These results, which include the worlds most precise branching fraction and D -> pi form factor measurements, will be discussed.
High Energy Physics Seminar
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
Note special room.

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