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"Narrow Gap Semiconductors: spin splitting with no magnetic fields and more,….."

Giti Khodaparast , Virginia Tech
[Host: Keith Williams]
In light of the growing interest in spin-related phenomena and devices, there is now renewed interest in the science and engineering of narrow gap semiconductors (NGS). NGS offer several unique features such as small effective masses, large effective g-factors, high intrinsic mobilities, large spin-orbit coupling effects and zero-field spin splitting. For example, In InSb quantum wells (QWs), spin-resolved cyclotron resonance (CR) caused by the non-parabolicity of the conduction band and electron spin resonance have been observed. In order to increase our understanding of the dynamics of carriers and spins in NGS, we performed several time-resolved measurements such as magneto-optical Kerr effect. In this talk, magneto-optical studies on InSb QWs and ferromagnetic semiconductors such as InMnSb will be discussed. Our results are important for understanding the electronic and magnetic states in NGS.
Condensed Matter Seminar
Thursday, October 11, 2007
4:00 PM
Physics Building, Room 204
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