Physics at Virginia

"Universal Quantum Computation with Continuous-Variable Cluster States"

Nicolas Menicucci , Princeton University & University of Queensland
[Host: Olivier Pfister]
I will report on work published in PRL 97, 110501 (2006), in which my co-authors and I describe a generalization of the cluster-state model of quantum computation to continuous-variable systems, along with a proposal for an optical implementation using squeezed-light sources, linear optics, and homodyne detection. For universal quantum computation, a nonlinear element is required. This can be satisfied by adding to the toolbox any single-mode non-Gaussian measurement, while the initial cluster state itself remains Gaussian. Homodyne detection alone suffices to perform an arbitrary multi-mode Gaussian transformation via the cluster state. We also propose an experiment to demonstrate cluster-based error reduction when implementing Gaussian operations.
Atomic Physics Seminar
Thursday, December 14, 2006
3:30 PM
Physics Building, Room 313
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