Physics at Virginia

Mitchell Summer Scholarships

The Physics Department is pleased to announce the availability of a number of Mitchell and other Summer Research Scholarships to support declared undergraduate physics majors to do research with a Physics Department faculty member this coming summer (2024). All who will be rising third or fourth year UVa physics majors at that time are eligible to apply. Projects that can be performed on grounds are encouraged. Due to the success of off-site projects during COVID, projects that take place entirely off-grounds with remote guidance from a faculty supervisor (e.g. coding, data analysis, simulation and modeling, experiment or apparatus design, etc. that can be done at home) will also be considered for funding.

Note! If you have an overall GPA of 3.5 or better and are planning a career in some form of medical science, you are also eligible for the Bostrom scholarship. If eligible, answer “yes” to the third question on the application form. This will increase your overall chances of winning an award.

Applications, including a supporting letter from the faculty member you propose working with, should be received by Friday, March 1, 2024. Forms are available online at:


The applicant must submit a 300 to 500-word description of the proposed research program.

The applicant must identify a Physics Department faculty member willing to act as mentor for the proposed summer research, and that faculty member must provide a supporting letter. It is expected that the student and faculty member agree on the proposal topic before submission.

Successful applicants will receive $6000 for a project that takes the whole summer, meaning ten weeks of fulltime research.