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Computer Support

The computer support team includes a full time Computer Systems Senior Engineer and a full time Programmer/Analyst. In addition to providing support for standard workstations, they develop and manage our computer and network infrastructure. They can also help develop and manage research systems (data acquisition and analysis).

Departmental computer support staff provide local support for shared computing resources provided by both the university and our department. Among the computing resources provided by the university is a 4,800-core computing cluster with 1.4 petabytes of attached storage. The university also provides a pool of MS Windows virtual machines, which serves as a virtual computing lab, and provides centrally-maintained per-user storage space, web servers, and mail services.

Departmental computer resources include a local computing cluster and various other Linux and Windows servers (including this web server). Individual research groups own a wide variety of systems including Linux, Windows and Mac OS workstations, servers and data acquisition systems. We also use computers for data acquisition and analysis in many of our teaching labs.

From time to time departmental computer support staff provide short-courses and other informal lectures on various aspects of computing.

To report a problem or request help, please use the Computer Support Request Form, or see the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information regarding Physics department computing resources, please contact the Physics Department's Computer Systems Administrator, Bryan Wright.