Purchasing and Accounts Payable

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are required to comply with State mandated eVA and DMBE regulations.

  • eVA regulations stipulate that vendors agree to pay “a 1% eVA transaction fee”.

    All requisitions must have the vendor’s eVA status clearly noted.

  • DMBE regulations stipulate that all departmental purchases of less than $5,000 [Limited Purchase Order (LPO) or the University Purchasing Card (UPC)] must be accompanied by at least one price quotation from a woman- or minority-owned firm.

    One of the following must be written on all requisitions:

    • “Contract Vendor Used” [if the vendor used for the LPO is a contract vendor.]

    • “DMBE Minority or Woman Vendor Used” [if the vendor used was a DMBE-Certified Minority or Woman (M/W) vendor.]

    • “No DMBE Minority or Woman Vendor is available” [if the vendor used was not a DMBE-Certified M/W vendor, AND you have ascertained that no such vendor was available for the commodity required.]

    • “DMBE Minority or Woman Quote is on file” [if the vendor used was not a DMBE-Certified M/W vendor, AND you have documented the quote for this purchase.] If you choose this option, you must also either submit a printed quote or write the following on the requisition form:
      • vendor name and address
      • name of person giving quote
      • name of person receiving quote
      • date information was obtained

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For information, please contact the Physics Department’s Procurement Manager, Faye Safley.